Preserve Precious Memories By Creating A Footprint Baby Photo Frame

There is no arguing that a baby photo frame makes a nice gift, but who says you cannot make one for yourself? If you have ever had a baby shower, then you have no doubt received a baby photo frame or two as a gift.

Even if you do get more than one during a baby shower, you know that there will be many pictures taken of your baby that you will have to supply your own frame for. You know your kid is special, so why not create a baby photo frame which has your kid’s footprint captured for eternity? It is a lot easier than you might think.

When you sit and hold your baby, you might do the same things that other parents do, such as play with the kid’s fingers and rub those tiny little feet. Nothing comes close to being as sweet as a kid, especially the newborns.

This time is so special, you would love for it to last forever, but you know that is not possible. There are ways that you can preserve a moment in time so that you will be able to look back from the years which lay ahead and feel that special feeling once again.

Making a permanent imprint of your baby’s foot can be accomplished in more ways than one. You can decide which one best suits your needs. Since you are going to be making an impression of your baby’s foot, you want to use a method that poses no potential for harming your kid.

Do not, under any circumstances, use regular run of the mill plaster to make an impression of your kid’s hands or feet. Plaster heats up while setting, and will easily burn tender skin, so please do not do anything which may harm your baby.

To safely make a baby footprint photo frame, you can use an ink kit which has special inks that will not harm the fragile skin of your baby. These inks work well in capturing detail and clean up reasonably well.

Using this type of kit, you can make a finely detailed footprint in ink and incorporate it into your baby photo frame. One way to do this is by using a frame large enough for both the kid’s photo and the ink stamp of your kid’s foot.

This kit comes with a special type of molding material that does not heat up, and it sets quickly. The footprint is then ready to display beside your favorite baby photo! Some premade baby photo frames have generic footprints of babies’ feet embedded in them, too, but it is more special if it comes directly from your baby’s own foot.

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