A Personalized Baby Photo Frame Makes The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift, then you should look no further than a personalized baby photo frame. Photo frames make excellent gifts for many occasions and are always welcomed by the recipient.

A personalized frame can vary in its personalization, from having the kid’s name to having the birth weight and time of birth displayed prominently. Of course, most frames will display the name of the kid, or, at least, the first name.

If you know the baby’s room theme, you can also choose to incorporate it into the frame so that the frame will blend in perfectly with the room décor. Baby themes are very popular, so the prospective parents have already chosen the baby’s theme, and could even have the room ready by the time the baby shower is held. To find out, you do not have to be coy – just ask the parents if they have a theme for the baby’s room.

Personalized baby photo frames can be found in many different types of materials, including wood or ceramics, but the most popular is silver. It often takes a few weeks to have the personalization details engraved into the baby photo frame, so be sure to order well in advance.

If your parents-to-be do not know the sex or name of the baby, then you can give them a baby photo frame that is blank and allows for room to have it engraved at a later date. Or, you can have a loving inscription engraved into the material instead of the personal details of the baby’s birth.

You may even be able to go the extra mile. If the mom to be had a picture of the baby taken during a sonogram, see if you can get your hands on a copy of it. Then have it positioned in the frame before you wrap it for the shower.

You might also want to present the soon-to-be parents with a baby personalized photo frame that is an image of the mom and dad or her hand on her growing belly. These images would be treasured keepsakes for parents.

Some personalized photo frames for babies have room enough for many years to come – from the sonogram image all the way through senior year. You can get it started and then let the parents fill in the photos for the coming years. Personalized baby photo frames are great shower gifts – and the parents cannot get too many of them because they will be avid shutterbugs for many months and years to come.

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