Stroller For Baby Versus Stroller For Mom And Dad

When it comes to choosing a stroller for baby, a better way to look at it might be to consider what Mom and Dad want in the stroller. The baby is probably going to be bundled up and content anyway, and as long as the stroller is not as hard as a rock, the baby is not going to care about the brand or other perks that a parent might.

So when it comes to choosing a stroller for baby, what top priorities do parents have? There are a number of criteria that are important to moms and dads.


You never want to invest in a stroller that has been recalled (for those of you who are considering buying second hand). Sometimes a kid can fall through and get trapped, causing a fatality. So make sure you research the brand name and model number.

You want a stroller for baby that takes age into consideration. A tiny newborn does not need to wobble around in a stroller that is too big for him or her. Most have adjustment elements to grow with your baby.


You may not think tires matter much, but there is a big difference between those plastic wheels that get stuck and the rubber tires that work better on a multitude of areas like concrete, tile, and asphalt.

Overall Weight And Size

You already have your purse, the diaper bag, and maybe a briefcase to contend with. Do you really need a 150-pound stroller to lug out of the trunk, too? Some parents will want a lightweight stroller they can easily lift with one hand and set up with ease.

You will also want to determine how much room you have in your car for the size of the baby stroller. Some are very large and clunky, while others fold up into the size of an umbrella, making transportation easy.

Baby Perks

Sometimes keeping your little one happy is the best thing that can happen to Mom and Dad. The kid is entertained, comfortable, and not squealing while you are out and about. So baby perks can make a difference.

Look for strollers that let you move the kid so that it faces you, instead of frontward. See if it has the little attachments like cup holders and trays for snack times. Is there a shield for the sun if you are out all day? Babies can get cranky in the heat and they have sensitive skin, too.

When shopping for a stroller for baby, it is important to consider everyone who has a stake in the kid’s happiness. You want ease of use, comfort, and versatility but some things, such as safety, are paramount above all other wants and needs.

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