How To Create A Stunning Scrapbook Baby Photo Frame You Will Be Proud To Show Off

Scrapbooking is a hobby in which millions of individuals love to participate. The creative aspects of this hobby make it rather unique, in that, almost anything goes in scrapbooking. There are no hard rules on what types of materials can be used, other than they must be acid-free in order for it to not to cause damage to photos used within the scrapbook.

When purchasing scrapbook materials, you will notice that they are labeled as being acid-free. When you are searching for materials to put into your scrapbook, you must make sure they contain no acid or over time, it will cause damage to the photos that you are trying to showcase.

There is a variety of ways that you can make a stunning baby photo frame within the pages of your scrapbook. Here are some favorite ways to make scrapbooks look totally unique:

Polymer clay is a very popular medium for sculptors, but it can also be a scrapbooker’s best friend. One way to make very interesting frames inside scrapbooks is to use polymer clay canes, which are already pre-rolled.

These canes can be sliced very thin, which is a plus when making a scrapbook. By choosing the canes, which both complement your page and also show a good contrast, you will be able to make a beautiful frame that is very thin and also very resilient.

Begin your frame by choosing a cane and start slicing the cane as you would a loaf of bread. Make each slice of the cane as close to the same size as you possibly can. Now it is time to arrange the circles you have just cut off of the cane into the size and shape you wish your baby photo frame to be.

If you find you need to cut more slices off of the cane, you can use one of the previously sliced circles as a guide to make them the same size. Now bake your frame as per the package instructions for the polymer clay. Your baby photo frame can be used as soon as it is cooled. Simply attach it using double-sided tape.

Another technique many people love to use in scrapbooks is colored transparency sheets with rubber ink stamps that are used to create beautiful one-of-a-kind baby photo frames. Your local office supply store should be able to give you a variety of colored transparency sheets to choose from.

You may use any color ink which suits your color scheme. You can use both metallic inks and the traditional black ink in your transparency frames. The process is really simple.

You just decide which color transparency sheet you would like to use, then cut it to size. At this point, you can do one of two things. You can either cut out the center of the transparency for your photo, or you can go ahead and ink the transparency before you trim it. There really is no right or wrong here, just do what works for you.

These two techniques can really add both dimension and color to your scrapbooking projects. You will be able to make beautiful baby photo frames using these techniques and your imagination is truly the only limit to what you can accomplish.

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